Doctor Discovered: Clean Entirely Your Blood Vessels With Just One Glass Of This Drink!

Although blood vessels begin to stare at birth, fatty deposits in them intensively deposited after 35 years, although this may happen earlier, depending on lifestyle, genetic predisposition and diet. The most vulnerable are the heart and brain blood vessels, which are the smallest, and the consequences of plaque buildup in them can be a heart attack and stroke.

Potion for removing plaque in blood vessels – folk remedy.


– 30 peeled garlic (cloves) garlic
– 5 with lemon peel
– 1 liter of spring water


– Whole lemon over night and the morning to leave the salt water.
– Lemons dry and cut into pieces.
– All blended in a mixer, add 1 l of water and cooked: let only one cook up!
– Drain and pour into a bottle.
– Keep refrigerated.

Drink one cup (50ml) a day before the main meal.

After three weeks of therapy should be a break of eight days, and then begin another three-week treatment. The only way to achieve the right effect.

This cheap, safe and healing therapy can be repeated every year.

Unpleasant smell of garlic nobody feels, and operation of garlic and lemon glass is recognition.

How promising supporters of this therapy, but after 3 weeks of daily consumption observed the youthful recovery of the whole body.
Clogging and side effects, eg. With sight and hearing, are withdrawn and somewhat completely disappear.
A person can bypass the planned heart surgery because they removed the blood fat that accumulates in the veins.
This drink can be applied in periodontal disease.
People who have suffered from clogging again sleep peacefully.

Cleaning vessels from cholesterol and fat

To reduce toxins, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels and the cleaning of the blood vessels of cholesterol and fat, it is recommended to perform cleaning of the blood vessels that can be done in several ways: natural products, medication, plasmapheresis and laser cleaning. It is important to know that cleanup vessels with drugs often cause contraindications. Their application is the last step, when no other means to help. Therefore, cleaning the blood vessels of cholesterol and fat using natural remedies is much safer, because this treatment can not harm your health.

Garlic and lemon are very effective ingredients that clean the blood vessels, lowers bad cholesterol, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and reduce the risk of dangerous diseases such as atherosclerosis. A mixture of lemon and garlic is used in Russian folk medicine for centuries.

Also, the curable composition prevents the formation of cancer cells, as confirmed by scientific research. Garlic contains a large amount of antioxidants that have the power of regeneration and rejuvenation.

Cleaning vessels from cholesterol and fat is best achieved by traditional Russian recipe of garlic and lemons, which will indicate the last section of this article.

Cleaning the blood vessels from plaque

Arteries get clogged when the form plaque (deposits) on the interior walls. Plaque consists of calcium, fat, cholesterol and cellular waste. If you have clogged arteries due to poor diet and lifestyle, you are at increased risk of heart attack, stroke or heart failure. Drugs, stents and surgery are treatments that are used to clean arteries and prevent further accumulation of deposits. However, talk to your doctor about natural way to clean the blood vessels from plaque – which will reduce the risk of heart disease.