Remove Kidney Stones With Just Half Cup of This Amazing Drink

Remove Kidney Stones With Just Half Cup of This Amazing Drink

The kidney stones are painful medical issue that some people have. The stones cause the pain that is unbearable. Those that get these stones should use juices of lemons to prevent them.

The regular medical curing is with potassium citrate and studies shown that it is unique in natural citrates. Even doctors and experts said lemon juice is great for therapy of these people. it is called lemonade therapy!

Why and how is citric acid good for this condition?

The citric acid stops forming of these stones even in the small stone phase and stops the growth or breaks it into tinier pieces. More acid in the urine means more protection to these stones from forming. This citric acid is not good for stones forming. When the stones are small, they are stopped from growing bigger and this is due to the acid.

Limes and lemons have most citric acid of all fruits. The medical doses of this acid or potassium citrate are prescribed as such and effective too. But, this costs money and you need at least a dozen tablets per day even!

Improve the kidney with this drink. Only ½ cup is enough

Half cup or 4 oz of lemon juice daily is one option, the other is 32 oz lemonade. These have the same acid content as prescribed acid.

Take 2 lemons juice and dilute them with 6 oz water. Drink 2 times per day in mornings and at night. Slowly reach 4 oz per day of juice.