Coffee Eye Mask To Treat Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Tired of dark circles under the eyes?
You’ve tried different ways and are not satisfied?
If you want to try with another, a simple and natural way to solve this problem, I suggest you do the following recipe.

It will take only two ingredients from your kitchen: coffee and coconut oil.

How to prepare a mask:

Mix together a cup of coffee with a few drops of coconut oil, and then, the ends of the fingers, apply the mixture on the eye. Gentle circular motion, gently rub the mixture.

When finished, leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, until completely dry. During this time, useful ingredients will absorb into the skin.

Then remove the mask with a soft cloth or paper towels. Wash in the usual way, and if you want to apply to the face moisturizer.

Repeat the procedure several times a week. It will help to remove subcutaneous inflammation, reduce and eliminate dark circles

Mask with coffee, you can use the whole face.