Alkaline Diet – A Safe Base For An Organism Without Diseases

What is alkaline diet and why is your body likes?
The concept of an unbalanced intake of acid and alkaline foods in the diet is its first appearance back in 1933.
It was a year in which William Howard, then a doctor in New York, published the book “A New Era of Health”, which causes a great deal of attention.

He has already, before the full 82 years, claimed that all diseases are caused by auto-intoxication due to the accumulation of acidity in the body.

His concept of nutrition, who prefers intake of alkaline (alkaline) foods, has a foundation and in one of the most popular diet today – Hayevoj diet.

If you’re not already familiar with it, it is enough to say that it is based on proper food combining.

Do not allow the combination of certain foods, such as carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal.

Most of the reduction programs that have a rapid effect on weight loss is based on just this concept of combining food.

Such reduction programs in a short time to show results and therefore very popular.

But as far as long-term practical to eat in this way and what effect on our health can have such a diet?

How diet helps to balance the pH of healthy body

Alkale or alkaline condition, our body really likes

But to eat alkaline foods, and do not enter acidic foods?.

The answer is that important balance intake of alkaline and acidic foods, but we must always take into account and the GI (glycemic index) and GL (glycemic load) of food that we eat every day, as we will have more to say some other time.

When you enter acidic foods, or after such food digestion, it will leave an acidic residue in the body.

If our diet prefers excessive intake of acidic foods, leads to excessive accumulation of acidic residues causing a state of excessive acidity of body known as acidosis.

How acidosis harms the body?

Acidosis long term slows the efficient operation of our body, causing lack of energy, bad health profile and of course, problems with overweight.

But equally important is the loss of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

These occur because the release of these minerals the body tries to neutralize the excess acidity, and establish a healthy pH balance, which is about the seventh

Our internal organs, such as kidneys, lungs, and adrenal glands, play an important role in maintaining healthy pH levels of the body.

How would they sound function, it is essential that we prefer intake of alkaline food.

By bringing the alkaline foods, we actually freeing the body of energy consumption for the elimination of excess acid residues and help him to do what is created.

It is a balance of body weight, as well as longer maintain health and energy.


How many alkaline foods is ideal to enter daily into the body

Today we are flooded with various diet programs and each of them advocate very specific type of foods and their specific input.

In alkaline nutrition program use different input ratio of alkaline and acidic foods.

Part counsel will insist on a minimum intake of acidic and most alkaline foods.

Some would argue that it is important ratio of 30% of the acid and 70% alkaline foods.

Personally, I think that the entry should be 60% alkanes food: 40% of the acid food, which itself practice.

Prefer intake of alkaline food does not mean that we must immediately eliminate some types of foods, but in turn we can simultaneously enter and proteins and carbohydrates, and good fats.

Our body is designed so that simultaneously can digest all three types of foods.

For it is responsible pancreas which also secretes three different types of digestive enzymes.

In combination with the healthiest acidic foods, this type of diet will allow the body to expel excess water, fat and put him back into a healthy balance.

Which products generate acidity body

Acid reaction in the body usually caused by proteins, primarily those of animal origin, and it is believed that for every excess of 10 g of protein we consume to lose 100 mg of calcium urinating.

This reaction is caused by sodas because extremely rich in phosphorus, a mineral that causes loss of calcium when taken in large quantities.

Do not exceed more than three cups of coffee a day, because coffee causes acidity in the body. Some statistics say that would often drinking coffee, more than three a day could increase the occurrence of osteoporosis as much as 82 percent.

Refined foods such as white bread, cakes and puff pastry cause acidity in the body and stimulate the excretion of calcium from the bones.

Caution and with dark teas.

Intake of fatty foods to a minimum.

Smoking and drinking coffee two “friendly” related habits that together create the acidity of the body.

Acidity encourage and artificial sweeteners that are now added to food and various beverages as “bait” producers to maintain our sense of sweetness.

Some scholars go so far as to claim that the sour environment, along with other diseases, causes various types of cancer.

Can we treat disease alkaline diet

Modern medicine warns of a condition known as chronic metabolic acidosis, which is a cause of high acid diet.

Symptoms of chronic metabolic acidosis of low grade as premature aging, loss of muscle and bone and kidney stones caused by calcium release alkaline minerals.

Pralle concept (Potential renal acid load) – to ten-year German study Ute Alexy et al (2008) showed that diet directly affects the acidity of the body in children and adults.

Pralle concept is physiologically based calculation which takes into account the different speed of the digestive absorption of various minerals and proteins.

This concept is therefore intended to implement and in the ambulance and measured the acidity of urine in both adults and young people!

What is scientifically confirmed to date is that the food intake of alkaline – more fruits and vegetables and less animal products and meat – directly connected to the levels of alkaline urine.

Alkaline diet therefore can help in a variety of acute diseases and conditions such as:

Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
cancers (breast, prostate, colon)
kidney and gall stones
digestive and stomach problems
arteriosclerosis and high cholesterol
Depression and insomnia

Begin, therefore, today eat healthier foods, with the help of high-quality foods that are within easy reach and that will help in the prevention and treatment of many diseases of our time.