Asparagus – An Excellent Food To Improve Cleanse and Detoxify the Kidneys & Urinary Tract

Asparagus – perfectly natural means of detoxification of the kidneys and urinary tract
Time is delicious and super healthy asparagus!
Do you have problems with your kidneys and urinary tract, now is the time to make the most of their healing and purifying properties.

You can find domestic or farmed, and wild or wild asparagus, which in the spring rise in the karst area.

It is recommended that consumption of wild asparagus because they are nutritionally richer and healthier than farmed.

Asparagus (lat. Asparagus officinalis) belong to the perennial herbaceous plants, and the latter part of the name officinalis suggests their therapeutic application, such as those that act as scavengers of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Asparagus are still three thousand years before Christ began to be used for medicinal purposes, and both were popular and in Europe and in Asia.

The unique combination of medicinal ingredients

In addition to the amino acids asparagine, on which are named, asparagus glycolic and folic acid, flavonoids, saponins, glutathione, vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals calcium, zinc, iron, selenium, iodine, magnesium and manganese, as well as plenty of potassium and phosphorus.

Such a combination of extraordinary medicinal ingredients you will not find in any of a manufactured drug.

Particularly fascinated by the fact that, after eating natural foods such as asparagus, your body only from their chosen materials that are needed for eventual cure.

Asparagus top the list of alkaline foods and comprises inulin, prebiotic foods your friendly bacteria in the colon.

Because they contain folic acid, are very good for pregnant women, especially during the first months when the fetus develops.

The benefits of asparagus for kidneys and urinary tract

There are many reasons why the wild asparagus each spring should find on your plate.

Asparagus have star status when it comes to benefits for the urinary tract.

1. Natural are diuretic


People suffering from kidney diseases are prone to high blood pressure.

In addition, their kidneys fail to eliminate excess liquid, then it occurs and puffiness.

Since asparagus act as a diuretic, stimulate the excretion of excess fluid from the body, reducing swelling and lowering blood pressure.

2. Soothes the entire urinary system

Asparagus soothe the urinary system and can help prevent infection and inflammation in this system.

This is particularly important since urinary tract infections can damage the kidneys and further endanger their function.

3. Net kidneys and bladder

When kidney damage violated their function, however, toxins accumulate in the blood and can cause various diseases.

Administration will asparagus help in cleansing your kidneys and bladder, and thus prevent new diseases.

They also contain glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidant and anticancer which perfectly cleans the body of toxins, while also protecting your skin from UV rays.

4.Prevents stones

High levels of uric acid in the body lead to the formation of kidney stones and gallstones and other diseases.

Asparagus help to break down this acid and prevent the formation of stones.

Other therapeutic properties of asparagus:

  • lower blood pressure
  • keep heart health
  • stimulate digestion
  • treated blood
  • lower cholesterol
  • preventing development of diabetes
  • have anti-rheumatism activity
  • stimulate the liver and gall bladder
  • prevent the growth of fungi
  • increase fertility
  • preserve the health of the female and male reproductive system
  • reduce depression
  • speed up recovery after illness
  • excellent clean skin (liquid from the cooked asparagus is an excellent tonic for the skin)

The use of asparagus for medicinal purposes

For maximum healing effect asparagus, you can blanch briefly (if you are wild, only a few) are blended so getting mashed.

Puree asparagus put into a container with a lid and store in refrigerator.

The refrigerator should not be longer than 4 days since then loses healing properties.

If you taste preintenzivan, puree of asparagus can be diluted with a little water.

Every day, take the 4 full tablespoons of puree, twice a day.

It is best to eat mashed freshly prepared.


The recipe for detoxification the kidney


  • 1-2 green apples (if you prefer sweet taste, take a red apple)
  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 5 asparagus


Ingredients squeeze in the juice extractor. The juice is recommended to consume once a week.


Cucumber contains minerals that contribute to the alkalinity of the organism and body supplies necessary electrolytes.

In combination with asparagus and apples prevents the retention of excess fluid in the body, filters toxins and eliminate them from the kidneys.

Once you start drinking this juice, you will notice a strong and unpleasant odor of urine.

Let not that concern you – it’s just a sign that your kidneys free of toxins.