Technique “glass of water”: Do this before bed – Solve The Problem Make Your Wish Come True

In life, it often happens that for some problems it is not easy to find the right solution, there is suspicion or doubts about the right choice. Sometimes, you simply do not know how to act in this or that life situation.

If you really want to find a solution to your problem, or answer a question that has long been troublesome, the “Glass of Water” method will help you, transmitted by
The author of the method, Jose Silva, has become famous all over the world thanks to the elaborated complex of psychological training, whose basic “ingredient” is human intuition.

If you are using this technique, you will be able to activate the “third eye” to use it in different situations.
Using the “Glass of Water” technique, you are programming a subconscious to easily solve your problems.

Initially, this technique was designed so that a man can find himself and himself quickly out of a difficult situation. But to fulfill the desire, this technique is also ideal.

“Glass of Water” Technique Jose Silva – Application Algorithm
Before you go to bed, pour water into the glass.
Now a crucial moment: it is necessary to formulate your request in yourself or in your voice. Make sure you formulate it precisely. Avoid indeterminacy, just concreteness. Do not use the term “no”.

For example, the question: “Why can not I find money for traveling overseas?” – Not good. It would be right: “How can I get money for a trip to Paris?” This is an example of a precise and absolutely concrete question.

Or: “Now I am looking for a solution to how fast and easy to leave my cigarettes?” Or “What is the most convenient solution to the problem of buying an apartment (cars …)?” Or “How fast and easy can I find a job with a … kunas salary? “Or” How to solve the problem (that and that) with your spouse (daughter, son) “… etc.

Take a glass of water in your hands, concentrate, close your eyes, put your little apple cocks a little up and take half the glass of water, repeating yourself in it:
“That’s all I need to do to solve my problem.”
Cover the remaining half of the glass of water and go quietly to sleep.
In the morning, take the remaining water in the closed and uplifted eyes. Be sure to repeat your question (do not change the order of words) that you set the previous night and phrase in your mind – “That’s all you need to do to solve my problem.”

Perhaps you, in the form of enlightenment or spontaneous thoughts, at night or during the next day, make a simple and obvious solution to your problem. Or it is possible for you to encounter a situation in the next few days, which will be some kind of hint in which direction should move further. Somebody’s call, newspaper article, unexpected meeting … all this can be the key to solving your problem.
If you woke up in the morning with the knowledge that you have found a solution to your problem, take the remaining water out of the cup and thank God, the universe and your intuition / subconscious for the help you get (in any case, drink water).
How does it work and why is this technique effective?

Many are acquainted with the fact (which has been scientifically proven) that water has a memory, that is, has the ability to receive, remember, encode information, and can influence the under-consciousness of man (and not just man) through it. The human body, including the brain, consists of more than three-quarters of the water.

The thing is that when a person drinks water and their eyes are closed, brain activity increases, the brain as if trying to “calculate” what you have swallowed. Such increased activity, opens the way for effective programming.
The memory phenomena allows you to keep data. Water reminds you of a new disc on which you can make any data. So ordinary water can affect not only the subconscious but also the human organism, as evidenced by numerous scientific researches, and by means of it it is possible to rejuvenate and heal the human organism.
With the glass of water, by Silva method, it is possible not only to find solutions to its problems, but also to fulfill the wishes. It is, as you have understood, to think about programming your own brain and transmitting to it the desired energy.
For each new problem, it is necessary to repeat the technique. It has a particularly positive impact on problems related to human relationships.
You may be skeptical about the effectiveness of this simple method, but a large number of people are often used in practice.

So, you can just try and convince yourself of its effectiveness on your own experience.