The Plant That Kills Cancer Cells, Stop Diabetes And Lower High Blood Pressure!

Clinical trials conducted in Europe have shown that an extract of mistletoe can help diabetics. Since it lowers blood pressure, extract of mistletoe helps with migraines.
In addition to the tradition of kissing under it, she had to “folk medicine” is known as an excellent remedy for epilepsy and cancer, but works well against blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. It is believed that with the best natural hawthorn agent in cardiovascular diseases as well as ingredients that regulate the pressure.

Mistletoe, lat. V. album, the plant is referred to by a number of Nordic and Celtic legends and where the old European nations attributed divine attributes – masculinity, fertility and romance.

Very was admired and many famous doctors and healers, among them Hippocrates, Rudolph Steiner and Sebastian Kneipp.

Since 1917, Rudolf Steiner began to use mistletoe to treat cancer.

Had been widely used in the treatment of cancer. Numerous studies show that viskotoksini had dissolved from the cell membrane of tumor cells and so destroy it.

Lectins containing this plant cytostatic drug – stop further growth of the tumor cells.

In addition, it was confirmed to have a stronger immune system, eases pain and reduces side effects of chemotherapy up to 80%. Therefore, this plant certainly can recommend to help in the treatment of cancer.

Basic recipe

The powder of dried and chopped


Herbs or leaves taken twice a day, how much it costs to the tip of the knife. To be taken with water or food.

If one teaspoon of powder of mistletoe leaves 3 hours in 2 dl hot water, you will extract the drink in two installments, half in the morning and the rest of the evening before bedtime.

Another way is to have six teaspoons introduced into 6 l of cold water and allowed to stand for 6 to 8 hours.

Then the strain. It can be drunk during the day without sugar.


Berries have not not take by mouth, because toxic. Excessive doses can cause vomiting. Preparations of mistletoe may not use pregnant and lactating women. Should not be used together with drugs for the heart.

The treatment may not use the mistletoe from the oak because it is toxic. It is recognizable by yellow berries.