The Research Results Of A Japanese Study Showed That Regular Consumption Of Green Tea Prevents Prostate Cancer.

The study was conducted for 12 years on a sample of 50 000 men, aged 40 to 69, from the whole territory of Japan. People who drank less than one cup of green tea a day have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer localized outside of the prostate gland, according to a survey.

The risk of developing this type of cancer was reduced drastically among men who drank daily more than five cups of green tea, while the percentage was almost twice as high among men who daily consumed less than one cup of this tea. Regular consumption of green tea had no effect on the development of cancer localized in the prostate gland.

The scientists who conducted the study came to the conclusion that the substance catechin which is found in green tea can neutralize agents that promote the development of prostate cancer in the body.