After Reading This You Will Never Throw Away The Rice Water Again

If you have not heard of this ancient medicine, now is the time to find out that all medical and cosmetic advantages. So, make the most of the water in which you cooked the rice.

More energy, healthier skin and shiny hair are just some of the benefits that will give you this old Chinese recipe that becomes increasingly popular in modern western civilizations.
A healthy body and beautiful skin will be achieved with only two low-cost ingredient, namely rice and water.

Health Benefits:

– Give energy.
– It successfully inhibits gastroenteritis.
– Excellent cancer prevention.
– Regulates high blood pressure.
– Adjusts the body temperature.
– It prevents and treats jail.

Cosmetic Benefits:

– Facial wash with water in which the rice is cooked, makes the skin softer.
– Excellent substitute for tonic.
– It helps to reduce the face on the face.
– If you wash your skin with water, your hair will get a shine and stay healthy.


Although you may have read or heard that the rice water is the one in which you have washed the rice, that is not true. And this water can be used, but you will not get everything you can out of it, because the real rice of water is being prepared in this way: fry the rice in a little more water than you would do to cook rice for lunch. Water prepared in this way is a real riser of water. You can drink it warm or leave it to cool down and follow it with your face or hair