Natural Treatment For Sciatica And Back Pain!

Sciatica is due to prolapse of intervertebral discs of the lumbar intervertabilnih that damage the spinal roots. This is an official medical explanation. The people encountered many other terms, like back pain, lumbago, but it is generally accepted sciatica, bearing in mind that this is a very common disease, which affects a good part of the population.

Why occurs sciatica?

Early aging of the organism as well as degenerative changes of intervertebral discs (intervertebral) are the most common cause of sciatica. It is very often the case that when we try to lift heavy loads from an awkward position, should break discus (its fibrous ring). Also, the cause may not be just lifting, but also the result of poor posture, excessive weight, often occurs sciatica in pregnancy, then sleeping on too soft bed, stretching muscles and others.

There is evidence that a large number of people who today suffer from sciatica, previously had some symptoms of stiff back, such as pains in the loins and the like. So that the back pain preceded sciatica, on what in particular should pay attention. In any form of disease our advice is that you need a chiropractor right at the beginning, as this will significantly alleviate the pain that is yet to come. To put it mildly low back pain can become unbearable if it does not respond in time. The pain can be extended from one week up to 6 months. Unfortunately most people are on treatment an sciatica plants too late.

Classic view of the person who suffers from sciatica:

Lumbago, low back pain, shin and Journal. Often the pain is in the list of the strongest and most prominent and causes the movements of articulation, while attempting to lift objects off the floor and others. Erasing back towel if our leg slightly raised and the like. Pain in the legs and can move from one to another, rarely happens that drew both legs.

When neglected and severe disease all activities are sick, regardless of whether we’re walking, sitting or lying.

Differences in pain are great and of course individual. But much can be reduced if you react in time. So that the back pain which slopes gently down the leg and intense, strong, fierce, tearing pain in the list is certainly not the same. There may be Trnica, March, numbness of fingers on his leg.

In any form sure to contact your doctor, neurologist or chiropractor to time.

What may also alleviate the discomforts are popular herbal preparations. The thing in particular should pay attention to unprofessional use of herbs may cause more severe skin damage.

What is the treatment of sciatica?

Recipe for sciatica no. 1

1 bucket of oats
2 dl water
Cook for 15 minutes. The obtained tea for sciatica is drunk three times a day before meals. At the same time should be made lining of the hot cooked oatmeal in a clean sock or cloth bag. Wraps changed every four hours. You must be always hot.

Recipe for sciatica no. 2

250 grams of honey are combined with pure quicklime, thicker is deposited on a linen cloth and fastened to the affected place.

Recipe for sciatica no. 3

Massaging sore places every day with spruce resin, until the pain completely iščzezne.

Recipe for sciatica no. 4

Needed :

20 grams of willow bark
20 grams of birch leaves and buds
10 g blooms called
10 g linden blossoms
10 g nettle leaf
10 g of horsetail grass
Preparation of the beverage:

crushed and mixed, take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and boil for 5 minutes in 2 ml of water in a capped court and after 10 minutes and drain the hotter drink. In the case of severe pain, take 4 tablespoons mixture, boil 5 minutes in half a liter of water, strain, sweeten with honey and drinking within 2 hours after which a cup of tea warmer.

Thus the resulting tea drink may be sciatica and the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and gout.



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