Recipe to Grow Your Hair: Leave All Doctors with Open Mouth

We all want to have beautiful and healthy hair. There are numerous hair treatments that should your hair grow faster, stronger, and there are different treatments against hair loss.

But before you spend a fortune on these treatments, try this homemade recipe that will accelerate the growth of hair. Keep reading to find out what ingredients you should use:


People usually lose 50 to 100 hairs a day which can not be seen with the naked eye, but if you lose your hair over your body then you should be concerned.


– 1/2 banana,
– Yolk,
– tablespoons of organic honey,
– 1/2 glass of beer.


Blendajte all the ingredients until you get a compound mixture. You must be careful as the mixture should be homogeneous. It should be creamy, so that he could properly use.

How to apply:

After you have prepared this mixture, apply it on the hair and scalp, especially in the most vulnerable areas. Then put the paper film over preparations to keep the area warm. In this way, the mixture will go deep into the skin. Keep the mixture for one to two hours and then wash your hair as you normally do. We should apply this treatment once a week, if you want to have positive results.

Source: haber