You Might NOT Like the Ingredients but: It Melts Pounds like Crazy, Amazing Drink…

As we announced in the title, the ingredients of this incredible beverage you may not like it, but it turned out to be an effective drink that are tested and brought many line up to where they wanted.

Once you introduce what are the ingredients and how to make this drink for weight loss and try to explain why so many good works that many allegations.


– one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
– a pinch of chili, ground pepper
– juice and peel of one lemon

Grate lemon rind and pour 240 ml of boiling water. After ten minutes, add the lemon juice, vinegar and ground pepper. Stir before each sip and drink before and after each meal.

Why is this drink  so good

Ground pepper helps digestion of food, metabolism and stimulates fat burning. In fact, its ingredient, capsaicin, stimulates the nervous system that produces heat in the body that stimulates accelerated consumption of calories.

Lemon contains compounds that slow deposition of fat, and its bark contains policosanol, a compound that helps burn fat deposited.

Apple cider vinegar, and its regular consumption in moderation, helps the decomposition of fats in the body.