The Best Natural Cure That Strengthens Bones, Teeth Guards, Liver Protect …

It is very good and as an addition to many food products.
Among other things whey (whey) is rich in magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, B vitamins, amino acids. It has a positive effect on bone as it makes up proteins, hydrates the body and is the best substitute for sports drinks, and is often used in bodybuilding.

Because of the tremendous nutritional value, it is compared even with breast milk.

Whey encourages reproduction acidophilus bacteria, which are a natural antiseptic. It’s great for children and detoxification programs, because it speeds up metabolism.
Whey helps to light serotonin, the hormone of happiness, and we recommend it to all who are under stress, and it is good and for energy recovery, reduces cramps mišićma and relaxes them.

Whey is a powerful cleaner liver, and liver clear key is good health.

If you suffer from any liver disease, regularly drink whey.

It contains beta-lactoglobulin, which supplies the body with amino acid called BCAA.

BCCA significantly help with advanced liver disease.

Experts confirm that those suffering from cirrhosis of supplementation with BCAA helps to live longer and better.

Contains alpha-lactalbumin, which is rich in essential amino acid tryptophan is known for the regulation of sleep and improve mood.

It is rich in immunoglobulins and lysosomes, which strengthen the immune system, which is very useful in chronic hepatitis.

It contains anti-inflammatory lactoferrin, ingredient invaluable for those whose liver is susceptible to inflammation.

Full cysteine ​​is needed for the body’s production of glutathione, an antioxidant that protects the body from infections and toxins.

Whey proven to prevent osteoporosis, clean blood vessels, removes plaque on the teeth, the perfect prevention of caries and regenerates and protects the liver.
Whey therapy are known in the treatment of intestinal disorders (such as irregular bowel movements), hormonal disorders, obesity and circulatory problems, such as blockage of the artery.

Is consumed by the bucket whey dissolved in a glass of water and drunk as a food supplement.

Whey is used as an additive in bringing the cake of bread. When the added whey paste cakes were softer and longer, a nice taste and freshness.

From all this it is evident that it is a shame to throw whey as a by-product of cheese production because it is in terms of healing invaluable.