Kills Any Infection In The Body: American Doctor Reveals A Recipe For the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic

The famous American doctor, Richard Schulze, discovered the recipe for the best and strongest natural antibiotic, in the form of a tincture, which is able to cope with the strongest infections and inflammation.
According to Schulz, tincture are a great way to use the healing properties of plants, but due to its strength, terba use them with caution.

Just some of the benefits of this tincture are:

boost immunity
regulation of digestion
lowers cholesterol
helps insulin reguaciju
strengthening the good bacteria in the digestive tract
antibacterial and antiviral
To create this great elixir, you need:

  • hottest peppers you can find, for example, habanero,
  • Apple vinegar,
  • black head and head of garlic,
  • and horseradish root.

Ingredients peel and finely chop. Put in a glass dish and pour the apple vinegar. Some plants are covered by three centimeters with apple vinegar. Close the lid and shake well to finely blended ingredients. Let stand in a dark, covered in about 14 days. Occasionally stir or shake. What is long standing, the beverage will be stronger. After standing for, Strain it with gauze in a clean glass jar and fine decanted plants.

You must know that you are using a very strong tonic. Drink one cup a day, with plenty of fluids.

If you have severe inflammation, infection or indigestion, the dose can be increased to 3-5 cup.