Honey And Ginger – Against Cancer

Women, who cured honey and ginger cancer, sent her recipe in the hope that she would help some people.

She had cancer of the endocrine glands and was on the apparatus for 20 days. No one believed he would be cured.

But she began using a ginger and honey based recipe and after a few days she returned to life.
He managed to heal without chemo, without surgery and other drugs, and now he claims to be firing from his health because the malignant disease has completely retreated.

The recipe she gave people to use is as follows:

Two large root gum is needed, which is chopped with the help of choppers. After that, the chopped honey is mixed with half a kilo of honey. The honey must be homemade and buy honey from checked beekeepers and from proven sources.

This prepared honey should be placed in jars and consumed 3 to 4 times a day, one bucket of spoon.
It is important that this mixture does not come into contact with the metal and use a wooden or plastic spoon. Metal is strictly forbidden, and the first effects of this mixture will be felt after 4 days.

In curing cancer, it’s important to be positive no matter what doctors say.