Turmeric – Nature’s Wonder Drug: The Golden Spice That Keeps Health!

Turmeric is considered a natural ‘body cleanser’.
Turmeric is used for years thanks to excellent benefits for our health.

It is also known as the queen of spice because it possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. At the same time, it is excellent in combating cancer and Alchajmer.

1. Reduces inflammation, thanks to the ingredient of curcumin.

2. It protects the brain because curcumin increases the level of neurotrophic brain factor (BDNF), responsible for cognitive brain disorders such as dementia and Alchajmer.

3. Reduces the risk of cancer, prevents the growth of carcinogenic cells and spreads them to the body.

4. Helps in digestion, resolves digestive tract problems, such as flatulence and gastrosis, biliary diseases …

5. It protects the heart, removes the stomach from the arteries, prevents the formation of clots and reduces bad cholesterol.

6. Facilitates the symptoms of arthritis.

7. Slows aging.

You can add it to all – juice, soup, meals … To add to its absorption, add some black pepper.

Source: RadioSarajevo