This Is The SECRET To Sleep Better, Burn Fat And Be Fresh And Full Of ENERGY Every Day!

Have you ever wondered why honey was so good for you?


The bees are made of nectar honey, using nectar-like pipes to extract nectar and keep it in the stomach. The nectar is mixed with enzymes. The bees are the real honeycomb with its wings until the extra water is evaporated. The honeycomb is then sealed with a substance that cures to what we know as beeswax.

Honey contains 80 percent natural sugar and 18 percent water. The remaining 2 percent are vitamins and minerals, as well as pollen and proteins. That way, one honey jam in the evening will greatly help your body.

Here’s why med honey!

Since ancient times known as a cure, an inevitable addition to hot drinks, an active participant in healthy nutrition, the best friend of our skin and hair – his majesty, med.

Everyday obligations require that at one point we feel a drop in energy, we get a coffee cup or a calorie sweetener, while our golden energy mining is at your fingertips. Coconuts in the tea, in a glass of lukewarm water or on a piece of bread will wake you in a healthy way!

He treats throat inflammation

With this advice, our mothers and grandparents have refined us, but most of them do not practice it. The next time you buy expensive throat tablets, keep in mind that the mixed honey and mixed spoonfuls of honeycomb make a perfect blend that almost immediately eliminates anxiety and throat pain.

It strengthens immunity and reduces allergies

Honey is a powerful antioxidant that will strengthen the immune system, especially if consumed in combination with lemon. It has an incredible ability to neutralize bacteria. Honey in your living environment can help your body get used to the pollen and thus reduce allergy!

Improves sleep quality

If you mix in a glass of hot milk with a honey pot and drink a drink before bedtime, we guarantee you will sleep as a baby!

He did not feel an unpleasant smell

The ubiquitousness you are experiencing, in addition to oral hygiene, will be reduced or avoided if you eat a sweet meal consisting of honey and cinnamon cutlets. And tasty, and useful!

It enhances soreness and affects weight loss

Honey and lukewarm water are in this case a winning combination. Good digestion is the basis of weight loss and detoxification, and if you add lemon juice to lemon juice, we put the entire process into the fifth fast, and the feeling of appeasement becomes a distant past.

Tip: Dilute 200 ml of water and put 1/2 cups of cinnamon powder in the husk and pour in the boiling water and cover for half an hour. When the water with cinnamon is slightly chilled, add 1 honey pot. Drink half a cup before sleeping, fold the other half and leave it in the fridge. In the morning, on an empty stomach, take the other half of the cold drink. You will be delighted with the results!

The best friend of our skin

If you have a stubborn scratch that will not cure, honey and its antibacterial properties will definitely accelerate the process. Hydration is a magical word that characterizes honey and he has the power to recover the epiderm and even the most common skin if it is regularly applied. On the other hand, it will also deepen the cleansing of oily skin, given the intensity of its fight against the microbes. Strong winter and wind often frustrate the tender skin of the lips, and honey will recover them faster than any balm – just do not eat it immediately!

Tip: Make honey and brown sugar self-healing – it will thoroughly clean your skin, remove the extinct cells, and will not dry out your skin like a purchase.

Honey treats us completely, and hair should not be an exception. There are a large number of recipes for masks we make in home-work and have more effect on purchasing masks. Advice:

depending on length of hair, apply the required amount of honey to the same, wrap it in warm pepper and rinse after half an hour
an ingredient that is an excellent partner among the yeast; Honey jam and yeast scoop would be a diameter for shorter hair, so adjust the amount. Mix ingredients thoroughly, apply on hair and twist in warm pepper, after one hour rinse.