Amazing Herb Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours

NOTE: Artemisinin helps reliably only in the suppression of lung cancer. There is no reliable information that artemisinin has any positive effect in other types of cancer. Currently, only two US companies produce artemisinin in the world. This should be kept in mind because of avoiding various unproven products in domestic packaging that have appeared in Serbia and the region!

If the plant is used alone, it causes a 28% reduction in lung cancer cells, but in combination with iron, a sweet worm managed to “erase” the cancer almost completely in 16 hours!

There is a cancer medicine, not just one, but there are a whole range of herbal medicines that successfully cure cancer. This plant, sweet pelin, is actually an incredible discovery in the fight against this deadly disease. Though the research is here, in front of us, we are quite doubtful that the pharmaceutical industry will ever accept that one plant can make what thousands of their synthetic drugs will never be able to.
Therefore, according to recent studies that have been published in “Life Science”, artemisinin – derivative plants sweet wormwood (Artemisia annua L., a literal translation from English – the sweet wormwood), which is used in Chinese medicine – can kill 98 percent cell lung cancer in less than 16 hours.

If the plant is used alone, it causes a 28% reduction in lung cancer cells, but in combination with iron, sweet pelin has managed to “erase” the cancer almost completely.
Moreover, in normal, healthy cell lung cancer is not over at all any influence in this study as, unlike chemotherapy, revolutionary because chemotherapy in addition to killing the bad cancer cells, it kills the healthy tissue and thus seriously undermines the human body.

Artemisinin has in the past been used as a powerful antimalarial agent, but has now been proven to be effective against cancer. When the subjects in the study released additions and iron, which often builds up in the tissues of the lungs, but particularly in cells infected with cancer, artemisinin is selectively attacked “bad” cells, while “good” cells did not touch.
“Taken together, our results demonstrate that artemisininovo jamming E2F1 transkriptivnog factors mediate in stopping cellular circle cell lung cancer and represents a critical transcription path artemisinin control the growth of reproductive cancer cells,” they say in the conclusion of the research laboratory for cancer at the University of California.
Iron accumulates in carcinogenic cells with special receptors that help in cell division (called “transferrin” receptors). Normal cells probably have these receptors, but carcinogenic cells have them in larger amounts, and therefore can be targeted with a combination of iron and artemisinin.
So far there have been many experiments that prove that artemisinin can effectively eliminate disease in the presence of iron. This extract has been used in China for thousands of years against malaria.
The parasite of malaria can not live in the presence of artemisinin because it is full of iron.
So far, this extract has been difficult to procure at more favorable prices, but with an increased interest in this plant and price could be more acceptable.

The French drug manufacturer Sanofi has pledged to produce 50 to 60 tonnes of artemisinin each year, hoping to meet the demand of the world market. Until then, look for a worm that you can see in a photo and in your surroundings.