Six Easy Ways to Enhance Your Brain Health

Are you often forgetting birthdays or arrangements? Have you ever entered the kitchen with a question mark above your head because you do not know what you came for? This forgetfulness has no connection with age or gender, and is not predetermined by the size of the brain or the cracking. With regard to the way of life, abstinence of thoughts and attitudes, learned patterns of behavior and lack of autonomy, we have , in time, relaxed and “forgot” using the brain . If you forget the name of an actor from your favorite series or movie, it’s easier to open an online search engine and look for an answer than to do it yourself and remember it yourself. Is it?

Neuroscientists have discovered that we are born with a certain amount of neurons (which stimulate the brain function), and with age aging slowly and permanently lose . However, new research suggests that dopamine (neurotransmitter in the brain) can stimulate the formation of new neurons in the brain of an adult man. So, dopamine is associated with the brain, which means that there is still hope to improve its function.

Here’s how to improve your health and brain function!

Exercise your brain

Solve puzzles and crosswords and challenge the brain to maintain its sharpness. Also try to do everyday tasks with an indomitable hand, such as brushing or combing your hair.


Physical activity is extremely important for brain health, but if you enter the routine, the brain is “thrown”. Change your workout routine to increase body and brain health.

Eat food for the brain

For the health of the brain, it is necessary to consume organic and unprocessed foods, full of omega 3 fatty acids. There are usually fish, nuts and seeds.

Try new things

Learn a new language, play some instrument or learn a song.


Research has shown that this can reduce the level of stress and increase mental health. Volunteering contributes to total health and a sense of self-esteem.


We need communication and communication with other people to stimulate the brain. Aging with people is clear thinking, slowing down aging and developing cognitive abilities.