This salad works miraculously: It relieves pain and insomnia, calms down

It is a plant that many people find on the table often, and many people love to eat. The ancient Romans use her juices to protect them from burns in the sun …

Nature has provided us with a cure for all health problems, one of which grows close to you and will save you from insomnia, nervousness, pain … It is, believe it or not, a simple garden salad (Lactuca sativa).

– Contains the most valuable salad ingredient of so called. lactucheria (dairy juice). It has the most in root, leaf ribs, young stalks and “heart” salads, so in those brighter or white parts. This non-conforming ingredient works to relieve pain, nourish the nerves, and also acts drowsy – explain Biovrt portal .

They add that the ancient Romans use that dairy juice to protect them from burning in the sun as they put the leaves on the fungus wounds.

photo: Dreamstime

An ordinary garden salad helps with some other problems:

  • calms the nerves
  • she slowly dumbfounded
  • strengthens immunity
  • calms the nervous stomach
  • neutralizes gastric acid
  • stimulates kidney function
  • helps in ejecting excess fluid from the body
  • fresh leaves help with swollen joints (compression)
  • fresh leaves also help with various inflammation on the skin (compression)

And wild salad is very healing, but be careful!

It is a wild salad (Lactuca virosa) which is also a fantastic natural alternative to painkillers and can even replace some anxiety medications. It is a tall leafy plant that can have small yellow buds.

If you’re yawning, you’ll see that it contains white liquid like milk. It is this milk that can reduce the pain. But it is important to keep the quantities in folk recipes strictly, because if it is over, it can be poisonous.