Apple Face Mask For Best Skin Whitening

You must have been invited to a party or a meeting in the last minute but you did not want to go because you can not save it quickly. We’ll show you how to be as attractive and attractive as men are flying for you.

The first thing you need is a homemade skin mask and you will do it by mixing apple juice with little honey and apply it to your face so leave it for a few minutes to quit. In order to clear the pods then you must use potatoes that you will rip and put under your eyes and leave it for 20 minutes.

Sometimes you need to keep your skin moisturized by using creams that are made on the base of beeswax without water. In order to have a darker one then you do not have to go to the solarium instead of making home-made cream from your favorite lotion and cocoa.

Make this blend to be a little darker and apply it to your skin. You can have your secret of thick hair and you will do so by tapping a tail that will make your hair look dense.

You want beautiful nails then put on nail nail polish then chill dust over it and it will look elegantly. Put musterers by mixing honey and cinnamon and apply it over myths and then put a clean wool that you will remove and rinse after 10 minutes.