Get Rid of Blackheads & Whiteheads with 3 Easy Steps

There is almost no person who does not bother with the trouble with the nails on the nose, he is annoyed, he is pressured, he is buying various scrubs and the like.

In order to avoid torturing and throwing heavy money on treatments and scrubs, you can cleanse your teeth from home, at home and at a much cheaper price.

Take the following steps and resolve the pain:

1. Boil the water and wash the already washed face above the hot water bowl for a maximum of 10 minutes. Remember that for this method of cleaning it is necessary to cover the head with a towel so that the money is directed to the face.

2. What follows is cleaning the nasal area with peeling made from a spoon of baking soda and a spoon of water. Massage the nose with this mixture for 3-5 minutes, after which rinse the face with water.

3. For the end, you need an egg whiten egg whiten, which you apply to and around the nose and cover the larded part with a piece of toilet paper. After a few seconds, apply the rest of the belt over the tape, so wait for it to dry well. When you remove the tape, your skin will be smooth and without the trigger.

Watch the video: