Everyone is crazy for a three-day challenge: Remove any stains and scars from your face with one ingredient!

In our articles we mentioned a lot of coconut oil as one of the healthiest oils. Namely, it carries many health benefits.
It is not calorie, so you are more likely to use it to prepare food. It has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. What is even more important is that this oil has the power to kill cancer cells.


It is good for cosmetic purposes, solves skin problems, recovers hair, and is good for teeth. Using this oil you can bleed your teeth. Just apply to your teeth, shake it several times in your mouth and spit it out.

A lot of people have skin problems, especially scars and stinging. Stresses are normal and everybody has them, but using this oil can reduce their visibility. The same goes for scars.

Take a spoon of this oil and a little warm on the pan. Add a few rose petals and stir. When it cools, apply it to the skin, rub it mildly and leave overnight and rinse in the morning. After a few days of application, you will notice an improvement.