Healthy Breakfast Ideas And Recipes To Promote Weight Loss

What to eat for breakfast if you want to lose weight? What is this weight loss breakfast and how does this one change take us unwanted pounds?

Breakfast is, of course, the most important meal of the day. It drives our body and in some way determines what and how we will eat during the day. It has been proven that people who eat breakfast regularly lose weight more than those who skip this meal.

If you think that by simply drinking a cup of coffee and skipping a meal you will lose weight – you are mistaken.

Metabolism and fats
The thing is quite simple – breakfast is our first meal after hours and hours of sleep. Since the last meal, it has probably been more than ten hours. If we have breakfast in the morning, we will start our metabolism on time. Otherwise, if we do not eat until lunch (this will be more than 16 hours from the last meal), our body will take it as a time to “save”, energy will start to keep in the form of fat, which will accumulate and not burn. You need a meal full of proteins and fibers that will keep you silent until late lunch, so you will not eat for snacks, the source of additional calories.

Breakfast is not a cup of coffee; you will only starve faster, your body will look for food around the floor, and you will reach for unhealthy food; especially because hunger leads to a drop in blood sugar. You will be served sweet and fatty foods. And these are empty calories that will “fill you”, but with them you will not get the nutrients that you need, so you will be satiated, and hungry.

What to choose
Coffee and donuts do not belong to breakfast. They will not give you the energy you need and when you collect everything – you will bring in a lot of unhealthy calories by the lunch, but that you have eaten a healthy breakfast, which would keep you silent. You need a lot of fiber and protein, vitamins and minerals, and with some sugar and fat. Sugar will get you energy, but only current, false. Thereafter, there is a fall, a feeling of despair, drowsiness, lethargy.

The bad choice for breakfast includes: donuts, pastries, cereals with lots of sugar, fatty food, bacon, barbecue …

Not only is the selection of food, which is certainly important, but also the size of the portion. Even if you eat healthy, and the amount is excessively thick.

Breakfast should be only one quarter of the recommended daily calories – about 250 to 300, depending on your weight, height, physical activity and gender. If necessary, if you can not roughly determine the amount and calories, follow our suggestions and tips that will be listed below or read labels on foods and choose calories.

You will also be adding calories to your beverages, so be careful. Juice full of sugar is not a good choice. Let it be some kind of fruit, it has more fiber, and fewer calories. Be careful and what kind of coffee you choose, but also dairy products (let them be less fat).

Suggestions, recipes
* Oatmeal with as little fat milk with a little banana or other fruit.

* Cereals without sugar with as little fatty yogurt, milk and one fruit.

* Sandwich: two slices of whole grain bread, a small piece of cooked chicken or turkey, tomatoes, lettuce leaves and little mayonnaise with less fat.

* Omelette of two eggs with mushrooms, pepper and spices served with a slice of whole grain toast.

* Whole grain or whole grain crackers with a little peanut butter and one fruit.

* Musli with a light smoothie drink of fruit, fatty yogurt or milk.

* Eggs with spinach and whole grain bread.

* Two soft eggs, salted biscuit biscuits and a cup of yogurt.

* Oatmeal with ricotta or less fat homemade cheese. A little almonds and peaches.

* Projections with less fat cheese (or without) and a cup of yoghurt.

* Pure with less fat milk or sour cream or cheese.

* Bread, mafia and donuts. They are full of fat and sugar and have very little nutritional value.

* Đevreci. The calories are equal to the amount of five to six slices of bread.

* Fried food. Bread, sausages, burgers, barbecues definitely do not fit into a healthy breakfast choice.

* Muesli and cereals with lots of sugar (be sure to pay attention to the ingredients). Better choose a combination of pure cereals with little fruits (or just with raisins and hazelnuts).

* Snacks (which they call healthy) – breakfast tables, muesli that are full of sugar.