Lose 7 Kg In 14 Days with Cucumber Diet (Cucumber Shake and Cucumber Salad)

This diet is extremely effective and simple, and all you need to do is include a cucumber in your diet for seven days. Cucumbers are filled with water and provide great hydration for your body.

In addition, cucumbers provide a wide range of nutrients that enhance your health on many levels. This vegetable cleanses the body, stimulates metabolism and removes excess water and waste from your intestines and digestive tract.

The cucumber is also very useful for improving the quality of the skin, which means that besides losing weight, you will also get glossy and clean skin.

This is a cucumber child plan for one day:


– Sweet cucumber salads
– Hard-boiled eggs


– 5 plums / 1 large apple / 1 peach (not more than 200gr)


– A slice of toasted bread with a bowl of cucumber salad


– Shake the cucumber


– One portion of the fruit of your choice (not more than 300 gr).

Recipe for cucumber salad


400gr cucumbers
200ml of Greek yogurt
pinch of salt
a little chopped fresh onion

Peel cucumber and cut into small pieces. Add the other ingredients and mix well.