They always told you that Nivea cream was good … but they never told you “this”!

We all know that this is a cream of a waxy quality and that its use has many advantages.
Hydrates the cuticles. Apply Nivea cream and massage. Within minutes, they will be soft, making it easier to remove with pliers.

Eliminate cracks on the feet. Apply on your feet, massage and socks stockings. In the morning, it will be soft and nurtured!
Anti age for the application of eye area. Apply Nivea cream to the area around your eyes, when you go to bed and say hello to the pine.
It softens the knees. Apply Nivea to your knees and you will see that you have softened and tightened skin.

Hair care. If you have made a great hairstyle, but you have some troubled strands, simply put a little Nivea on your hands and slip your fingers through your hair and you will again have a flawless hairstyle.

Prevention of stretch marks after pregnancy. Apply Nivea cream to the stomach, chest and hip during pregnancy. It will be your best ally !!

Perfectly softens hands. If you have rough hands, use Nivea cream to restore your softness.

Hydrating lips. Cold dry lips. To avoid this, apply a layer of Nivea Cream.
After sunbathing. If you have sunk during sunbathing, apply Nivea Cream. This will ease the pain.

Plicks. Put on Nivea to burn to prevent blisters. Warning! This solution applies only to small burns!

It treats and prevents dermatitis. Nivea is ideal for the prevention and treatment of dermatitis, because it is extremely dense texture.

Deep hydration for the face. If you feel dry face, apply a good layer of cream, cover with a damp cloth and let it stand for half an hour. Then wash with lukewarm water and the face will regain its softness and humidity.

Hydration and elbow whitening. If you have dry and dark elbows, apply Nivea cream and they will become brighter and softer.

Anti dark circles. Nivea cream is great for treating and preventing dark circles. It is enough to apply a little before bedtime, massage and wash your face in the morning!