How Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally

We all know it helps, but do you know why and how should you drink it to help you too?

Green tea is like tea whenever we talk about how it can be prepared in different ways for different applications.

We drink it for cleavage, energy boost, detoxification or weight loss because it has proven that its antioxidant properties are excellent for removing fat deposits, and in that fight also helps significantly the caffeine concentration we find in it.

How Does Weight Loss Help? 

What green tea makes is good for weight loss are the ingredients that, compared to all the other teas, are the richest, and are polyphenols that are known as epigalocatehin-3-galate (EGCG) or catechins.

They are those who give so much power to green tea because they are direct “culprits” to increase the rate of oxidation of fat in the body, prevent hunger hormones and thus control appetite, improve weight loss without changing nutritional habits and prevent the formation of new fat deposits.

However, when we connect weight loss and green tea we have to emphasize that drinking tea will not help solving the surplus so much, because tea works best in combination with an active lifestyle.


That’s why experts agree that green tea should be drunk during training, instead of water, because you will be able to get the best out of it.

Then, green tea catechins come to the fore as they increase body temperature and thus help to burn more calories, so it is logical that the digestion process will accelerate even if physical activity is still slightly up to the body temperature.

Apart from catechism, green tea is also rich in caffeine that helps to turn fat into energy, so it is important to know that green tea will help you exercise as you add extra energy to calorie burning.

How to prepare green tea? 

Although there are many types of green tea on the market, everyone agrees that the leaves are a better choice than already packed bags, but you have to be careful not to destroy it by cooking.

Green tea works with water that has not switched on, since the water must not exceed 90 degrees, and after pouring the leaves, you have to cut them up after 3 minutes. If you leave them longer, or let them overflow with water more than 90 degrees, you will spoil the taste and action.

Additionally, if you use it as a weight loss tool and adhere to all instructions, be sure to never sweeten it, because your sugar will bring unnecessary calories and weaken the action you want.