Lose 10 Pounds In Just 3 Days With This Parsley Tea Recipe

Parsley, a plant we use as a spice, has magical powers. Its amount in meals is always small, so it is not enough to trigger the secretion of accumulated fluid from the body. The American doctor, John R. Christopher, was a good connoisseur of herbal remedies. He often advised his patients on parsley as a remedy for kidney disease.

Parsley is an excellent ally in the fight against urinary problems, kidney diseases and a strong diuretic. The root and leaves of parsley can be used as a medicine. There are plenty of recipes for preparing parsley tea, and the Aura.ba reader has told: Parsley is a miracle. On Thursday I was 72 kg, and two days after five kilograms less. It’s not about kilograms of fat, but about the accumulated fluid that has left my body. I feel super light. (Ramiza Terzimehi}, 39).

We asked the reader to explain to us how and how she used parsley, and in a few days lost 5 kilograms and liters of accumulated fluids. Ramiz’s recipe is quite simple. In the boiling water (about a liter) add 5 large spoons of chopped parsley. Leave the liquid for about twenty minutes, after which you can chop or drink tea together with chopped parsley.

– I decided for peppermint tea because of kidney problems. Everybody is advised to take tea in these problems. I made improvements from deep tea, but the fluid remained in the body. I decided to replace some of the tea with parsley, so I got my results. Now I dry the parsley I intend to use in the future – Ramiz told us.
Excretion of fluid from the body is very important. With urine, we throw out poisons, bacteria and other harmful substances. Parsley has been scientifically proven to be an excellent diuretic, and it is also a strong antioxidant. The picking of parsley tea is recommended, but you should not overdo it with this tea. Consuming should not be more than a liter of tea per day.
Parsley is a plant that has been present since the ancient times as a medicine. He was attributed to magical powers, and in ancient Rome it was believed that baking of parsley leaves improved perceptions and intellectual abilities. Today, this plant is used only as a spice, and the well-known is used as a medicine.