The laurel used in this way will make your body and mind fill with good energy

In ancient times, the laurel was used as a symbol of victory, peace, strength and success. In our days, it is used as a medicinal plant. That’s what we want to talk to you about today. Next, we will leave you a list with the health benefits provided by the laurel.

The laurel is rich in vitamin A, B, C and D , and has minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. In addition, it has unsaturated fats very good for health. It also has a delicious aroma.

In addition, this plant can also be used to flavor our food. Thus, we add an exotic touch to our meals. But for now we will focus on its use in medicine. These are the benefits of consuming laurel.

Bay leaves are very good at controlling stress. We should only extract its oil and use it as a tranquilizer and lower blood pressure. It also promotes sleep and distends the muscles of the body . To take advantage of all its benefits, we must prepare a rich laurel infusion and consume it.

Stimulates the appetite

It is no secret to anyone that this plant has many digestive virtues. In addition, it opens the appetite, fights gastric fermentation and stimulates digestion. It is very good for those who suffer from heartburn or who are usually inapetent.

Purify the kidneys

Since it is a natural diuretic, bay leaves help eliminate toxins from the body. This is possible thanks to its antibacterial properties. If you suffer from a urinary infection, you should start to consume this medicinal plant.


If your tooth hurts, you should only gargle with laurel tea. This will act as an analgesic. To prepare this infusion, boil 100 ml of water with 2 grams of bay leaf . Gargles should be done after eating.

Relieves joints

If we use this plant externally, it can help us relieve joint pain. This is possible thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. With this oil we can fight the pains of arthritis, rheumatism, bumps and sprains.

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Relieves the respiratory tract

As we have mentioned before, this plant has antibacterial properties. These serve to eliminate any bacteria or fungus that is in your body. It also disinfects the respiratory tract, relieves cough, bronchitis, sinusitis and flu states.

Improves the appearance of hair

When applying cold laurel infusion we can clean the scalp in a deep way. It also has the ability to eliminate dandruff once and for all. We can use this infusion as a rinse for the hair to leave it shiny and silky .

Other uses of laurel

– Fight fatigue.

– Eliminates acne.

– Relieves anxiety, hypertension and lack of confidence.

– Cures mycosis.

– Purify the environment.

– Repels the flies.

– Reduces cholesterol and blood glucose.

– Regulates menstrual flow.

– Deflates the liver.

– Detoxifies the body.

Laurel infusion

To prepare this infusion, we will need to boil 6 bay leaves in 250 ml of water . After boiling for 10 minutes, turn off the heat. Finally, we will filter the mixture and serve in a cup. Of this powerful infusion we must consume between 2 and 3 daily cups of this infusion.

People with sleeping problems should not consume this infusion. Neither should those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a sensitive stomach. If you do not fit in with these situations, you are free to take advantage of this drink.

Do not continue to suffer from health unnecessarily. Use the laurel in all its forms and you will take advantage of each one of its benefits. We assure you that in a short time after starting to use it you will notice many improvements. Keep in mind that this information can help others, so we encourage you to share it .