Fat-free, dairy-free yogurt made from oats to relieve excess weight

The bloating is one of the most common symptoms that women and men can suffer, at various times in their lives. The stress , the poor diet or simply not being able to digest properly are some of the causes that lead you to have this problem. However, today we will offer an easy recipe to prepare at home, so you can make yourself a fat-free and dairy-free yogurt made from oats to relieve swelling .


What will you need?

The ingredients you will need for the recipe will be: two probiotic capsules , if possible look for those that are of better quality; a can of coconut milk of 414 ml or 14 ounces, preferably if it is creamy and whole; and, finally, oatmeal . Now that you know what you need to make fat-free yogurt , it’s time to get down to work.


Find a clean glass container and carefully open the can of coconut milk . Pour the complete contents of the can into the container and add the probiotic capsules mentioned above. Once you add the capsules you will only have to find a wooden spoon and mix perfectly the contents of your container.

To get the yogurt to have a suitable texture you will have to look for a cheesecloth and a rubber band . Both materials must be added to the upper end of the container in which you made the mixture and make sure it is perfectly closed, otherwise your mixture will be damaged.

benefits of oatmeal to treat abdominal distension

Next you should look for a place with a warm temperature inside your home, preferably in your kitchen . When you have chosen the ideal area, take the container to a flat surface and leave it there for 24 or 48 hours . During the aforementioned period of time you will not be able to uncover or mix the yogurt without fat or milk .

Finally, when the day or two days have elapsed, take the container, still with the cheesecloth and the band, to your refrigerator . We recommend leaving it inside this for 1 hour, so that the ingredients are consolidated and reach a suitable temperature for your intake.

After the passage of time, return to your kitchen and remove the container from the refrigerator. In this step you have already managed to prepare the fat-free and dairy-free yogurt made from oats to relieve swelling .

Remove the cheesecloth and, if you wish, get rid of the creamy layer that the yogurt will have on its surface. The final touch will be to add a little oatmeal and that’s it! In this way you will get a very healthy and ideal recipe to calm the swelling .

Follow the steps mentioned above and do not forget to calculate perfectly the times you should store yogurt , both outside and in the refrigerator. Only in this way can you get a perfect and useful snack for those moments in which the abdominal area of ​​your body swells. Serve it in small containers and take it anywhere.

Fat-free yogurt is ideal for the dietary plan of people suffering from lactose intolerance or milk allergy, its benefits can regulate intestinal transit, preventing belly inflammation.