Both women and men can suffer from this fungal infection. In the case of vaginal candidiasis there are different foods that you should avoid and others that we recommend you take to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of this fungal infection.

This infection caused by the fungus Candida albicans can be caused by different reasons and sometimes produces no symptoms. In this article we will tell you which are the most recommended foods to treat vaginal candidiasis and which ones you should avoid.

What to know about vaginal candidiasis

In the organism there are different types of beneficial fungi, as long as they maintain a certain stable population. However, when for some reason it increases, it generates infections with or without symptoms.

In the case of  Candida Albicans  is a microorganism that lives in the vagina of women , which during pregnancy, the intake of certain drugs, obesity or diabetes can increase the number of “inhabitants” and cause what is known as: vaginal candidiasis.

It is very important to know that,  although it is not transmitted sexually, some men may present rash  or itching after intimate relationships with a woman who suffers from this infection.

The main symptoms of candidiasis are:

  • Increased vaginal discharge of white color and watery consistency.
  • Burning or itching in the vagina
  • Pain when  urinating or having sex.
  • Swelling or redness of the vulva.

Once the vaginal candidiasis has been diagnosed, the doctor can prescribe certain medicines for external use and recommend some changes in habits, such as:

  • Keep the genital area dry and clean (use neutral soap and warm water) and avoid douching.
  • Do not use fragrances, sprays or powders for feminine hygiene.
  • Wear cotton underwear and clothes that are not too tight.
  • Do not leave wet clothes too long (be it rain, exercise or use of the pool).


In addition to the necessary hygienic measures,  the diet can also be very useful in the case of suffering from vaginal candidiasis . We recommend that you add the following foods to your daily meals:


In any house should be missing this ingredient that in addition to flavor and aroma to foods has many medicinal properties. This powerful bactericide and antioxidant strengthens the immune system  to deal with harmful microorganisms.

In addition to eating garlic in your usual recipes, we advise you to consume a raw tooth every morning.


These small fruits of dark color are more than powerful because they improve vaginal and urinary health.  Cranberries fight different infections such as candidiasis and  cystitis  (the latter caused by bacteria entering the bladder).

The protective action of this rich fruit that prevents bacterial colonization is due to substances called prantocyanidins. You can eat a handful of blueberries mixed with yogurt, another potent home remedy for these cases.


It is just one of the best foods recommended for vaginal candidiasis.  The probiotics contained in the yogurt keep the intestinal flora in balance and thus reduce the increase in fungal populations such as Candida.

Among all types of yogurt we recommend the “Greek” because it contains no sugar  and the living organisms that it contributes instantly become an “army” defender of the body. Consume one pot per day, if possible at breakfast.


It has properties similar to those of garlic and is also present in many of our recipes. This food fights not only fungi but also parasites and  bacteria ,  as it confronts the microorganisms that try to colonize the body. Add onions to your salads, pies or soups.


Unlike the refined versions, whole grains contain a good dose of vitamin B. These nutrients are necessary for the defenses to do their job properly and not allow any fungus or bacteria to proliferate (beyond normal levels).

Whole grains in turn are rich in fiber, which balances the intestinal flora and prevents constipation.  If you are suffering from vaginal candidiasis, we recommend that you introduce unrefined flours to your diet.


This “elixir of the gods” contains oleuropein, a substance that prevents and treats infections, such as vaginal candidiasis. In addition, olive oil provides vitamin E and antioxidants that strengthen the defenses and allow the body to fight against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

It is better to consume the extra virgin oil cold-pressed because it is more natural and pure. Use it better raw to flavor different dishes.


This root with such a characteristic flavor has many benefits, such as stimulating the purification of the organism and eliminating toxins. In addition, ginger strengthens the immune system, calms inflammation and lowers fever.

You can get it in powder or whole and then grate it on your meals, drinks and  infusions.  The taste is a bit strong, therefore, we recommend placing a small amount.


Salmon, tuna and mackerel contain a good dose of zinc, a mineral that allows the formation of white blood cells and increased defenses. If you do not consume these fish you can opt for the egg, which also provides it. Both foods, in turn, offer you vitamin D that combats the invasion of microorganisms and does not allow the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Finally,  you should not forget about the fruits that can help in the treatment of vaginal candidiasis.  Among them we can highlight orange, strawberry, apple and papaya.