This tasty walnut soup can be eaten for a week, this broth is made of fresh vegetables and can be eaten in good quantities every time you feel hungry. After seven days, we will resume our normal diet.

Soup burns fat, as it is popularly known, is a great recipe for the elimination of toxins, water drops and water, to lose those extra kilos.

After seven days, you can eat as fast as you can, you can repeat the last mussel, or a week at most to speed up a little more weight loss that is being achieved.


Eliminates toxins from the body.
It eliminates the liquids retained in different areas of our body.
It allows to eliminate large volumes and body fat.
It keeps you satiated, avoiding overeating.
It gives you strength.

The dry soup has been designed for people who have undergone heart surgery and have tried to make patients lose a more common form of what is possible in a weight, but without taking any risk.

The diet is only to eliminate toxins, one of the factors that favor obesity. It is allowed to clean a person’s body without a number of impurities and there is no doubt that the person who is eating the letter will not only lose weight, but also can do something lighter and especially with natural health.

There is evidence that both men and women who consume this soup lose several kilos in just 7 days.



  • 6 large onions:
  • ½ cabbage or cabbage
  • 6 tomatoes
  • 3 stalks of celery
  • 2 green peppers
  • Salt or spices

Preparation of fat burning broth:

With all the ingredients mentioned, you can prepare the amount of fat burning soup needed for the day. To do this, you can cut the vegetables into small cubes and then put them in a pot with enough water. To calculate water well, keep in mind that it must take up twice as much space as vegetables.

Cover the pot and place over medium-low heat so that the vegetables are steamed, until they are well cooked. Finally, just remove the heat and you can consume the desired amount per day.
If you have some soup, you can freeze it and reheat it to consume it the next day. This soup can be taken cold or hot whenever you feel hungry.



First day:  during the first day, you should only take the herb soup and the other fresh fruits. Avoid having fruits with sugar (higher glycemic index). The use of melon and / or sand is excellent, due to its low fructose content and its great contribution in liquids. Water is highly recommended. You can make a lemonade of natural origin sweetened with stevia.

Second day: it  is a very hard day too. Only soup and vegetables come all day. The vegetables can be frozen, fresh or canned. The leafy green vegetables are the ones that offer the greatest benefits. They can be boiled, roasted, grilled or steamed. If you eat them boiled, prepare yourself in the broth of the same soup that burns fats.

Note:  Vegetables do not use for them, butter or oil. Also, do not eat vegetables like corn, potatoes, beans or peas. At dinner, you can eat your vegetables along with the soup. Remember that on the second day you can not consume fruits. Remember that on the second day you can not consume fruits.

Third day:  during the third day, the elements of the first and second day are combined. Eat the amount of soup you want, in addition to fruits and vegetables. Discard potatoes, fruits too sweet, etc.

Fourth day:  bananas, bananas, a maximum of six units, with high quality sugars. You can also drink skim milk, drink lots of water.

Fifth day:  meat (protein) is introduced, you will feel more comfortable on this day. Eat or drink the amount of soup, in addition, eat up to half a kilo of lean beef and if you crave the chicken, you should be without the skin. Also, you will eat three raw tomatoes. You should not drink anything from five to eight glasses of water during the day to counteract the uric acid that the meat brings to the body. On this day, you must force yourself to take soup to burn fat, at least eleven a day.

Sixth day:  Day of vegetables and lean meat mandatory. It can be chicken or meat. Here also it is repeated that if it is chicken or turkey, you must remove the skin. Veal can be cooked on the grill, roasted or baked. Never fried Soup burns fats, it should be consumed at least eleven a day. But do not forget to eat soup.

Seventh day:  in the diet based on the soup to burn fat, on the seventh day, rice is available to eat. It is brown rice (not the common one used, from white). You should heat the rice a little on the Teflon bread (toasted bread), until the shell is browned and cooked well with steam. Eat this rice if you love fruit juice. You can also eat vegetables until you want it. The soup burns fat and you should eat at least eleven a day.

Aspect to take into account:

1- Do some type of physical exercise.
2- If you drink alcohol, wait 24 hours to start.
3- Drink a lot of water.
4- Do not eat sugar
5- Do not spend more than 7 days


  • This diet should not be performed by people with clinical symptoms.
  • It is preferable to consult with your doctor before starting.
  • It is not recommended to diabetic people or with chronic kidney disease to make this diet.