Healthy drinks

Detox Parsley Tea Recipe

Parsley is rich in folic acid, vitamins A, C, E and minerals, and has multiple health benefits Parsley except as a flavoring, is also used as a medicine. The origin of the parsley is the Middle East where it spread throughout Europe and America. Basic use of parsley, I use as a seasoning, it was
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Delicious Banana Drink Which Melts Down Abdominal Fat

Banana drink that will burn stomach fat immediately The sweat taste, creamy texture, yellow color and the curving cylinder shape make bananas distinct from other fruits, but also very attractive and hard to resist. If you are among those who start the day with a banana, add it in a smoothie or in fruit salads, then
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How To Make Ginger Beer At Home: To Treat Arthritis, Ill Stomach, Reduces Cholesterol Level And High Level Of Sugar In The Blood

Improve your health with consuming this recipe for the healthiest beer . It’s benefits can treat: stomach issues, arthritis, reduce blood sugar levels and the cholesterol. Ginger beer can be easily prepared at home, with sugar and lemon juice. Can ginger reduce pain and inflammation? One of its characteristics is calming effect, when it comes
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