What’s Better for Weight Loss: Diet or Exercise?

What’s Better for Weight Loss: Diet or Exercise?

When the loss of kilograms is in question opinions are divisions. Some claim that the diet is sufficient and the kilograms will disappear, others claim that only a strenuous exercise can show results, and the third one does not have a good line without a child and exercise. The researchers tell us how to easily fit.

In 2013, researchers launched a survey in an attempt to find an answer that would be of great importance to almost the whole nation. The perennial question that arises when the excess weight is concerned is whether better results result in a change in diet or exercise. At that time, scientists came to the conclusion that moderation gives both the most effective results to one another. But, two years later, a new study has shown that the best effect in fighting pounds is a balanced diet.

According to experts, physical activity is good for the overall condition of the body, but it is not so suitable for weight loss, because the more you exercise, the greater your appetite. So you go for food and get more calories than lose your training.

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And while many sports trainers will tell you that exercises are the only way to success, researchers have come to other conclusions. Research, however, gives priority to diet and balanced nutrition.

Experts advise a balanced nutrition plan that focuses on fruits and vegetables, fatty proteins and carbohydrates from foods made from whole grains. Do not overdo it with a decrease in calories because it leads to slowing down of metabolism and then losing muscle mass. For a healthy daily intake of calories, you should enter 10 calories for every half pounds of weight. In this way you will lose weight regardless of whether you exercise or not.

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